Benbow Inn Ghost Stories

The Benbow Historic Inn has had innumerable guests
since its doors opened to sightseeing travelers back in 1926.
With its historic charm and beautiful redwood surroundings,
it is no wonder why the spirits of some guests or employees
would want to return here.

This is just a short collection of recent activity written by
guests and staff here at the hotel. One can only imagine the
many stories that were not reported in fear of ridicule or
personal disbelief. Some people believe in ghosts, others do
not. A few people would like to see one… and a few people
wish they never did.
Whether you are a believer or skeptic, here are some recent
occurrences we share with you that happened here in the past
few years.
We hope you sip some cream sherry by the fireplace with this eerie collection and enjoy….

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Thank you to Confusion Hill for putting this together for us.