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Benbow Pet Policy

golden_retriever_250As part of our dedication to provide the highest level of service to all of our guests, The Benbow Historic Inn welcomes pets staying with their owners.

Up to 2 pets are allowed in rooms 102, 103 and 117 which are located in our Terrace Building with easy access to the outside. The Benbow Historic Inn charges a flat $30 pet fee for your stay (not per night).

To ensure the comfort and safety of all of our guests and staff, we have developed these guidelines for pet etiquette:

o Pet owners agree to not leave any pet unattended on the Benbow Historic Inn property unless during a preset dinner reservation or during breakfast or lunch. If a pet is left unattended during such a time the pet owner agrees to keep the pet in a carrier in their guest room or in their vehicle during their absence.

o Pet owners agree to promptly address any complaints made by fellow guests or Benbow Historic Inn staff regarding noise or any other such disturbance that may be caused by a pet. Pet owners also understand that a $100 fee may be incurred for each continued disturbance reported by any guests or staff member. A pet that becomes overly disruptive or in any way aggressive toward another guest or staff member must be immediately removed with no refund if the room must be vacated upon request of the Benbow Historic Inn.

o Pet owners agree to keep pets off of all furniture unless a pet throw is covering the specific piece. This includes beds, couches, and chairs. A pet bed will be provided to you by the front desk upon request. Pet owners also agree to immediately inform Benbow Historic Inn staff of any "accidents" that a pet may have so that extra cleaning efforts may be promptly provided. A $250 deep cleaning fee may be incurred for any deep cleaning that may be required due to stained bedding, carpet, or linen, or any pet waste that may be found by housekeeping staff.

o Pet owners will keep their pets "relief" outings limited to the designated area shown on the property map provided and to dispose of any waste in the Dogi Pot waste receptacle located in this area. A $100 cleaning fee may be incurred for failure to clean up any pet waste. Pets are not allowed in any indoor public areas such as the lobby, bar, or restaurant. Pets are not allowed in some outdoor public areas such as the back terrace, gardens, lawn, pool or any other areas deemed by the Benbow Historic Inn staff.

o Pet owners agree to keep their pet on a leash or in a carrier at all times in any designated public area. Pets are permitted to be "off leash" when inside

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