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Welcome Pilots

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Benbow Historic Inn is a spectacular Northern California fly-in destination for pilots. Get away to our Humboldt County hotel to relax in our well-appointed guestrooms, savor a wonderful meal, or bring your golf bags and play golf. The scenery is a lush green canopy. Enjoy soaring over the Redwood forests or the Lost Coast. Follow the beautiful wild Eel River and weave through a deep, dense carpet of evergreen. Only a few hours flight from the San Francisco bay area or central valley and minutes from the Eureka Arcata area, the Garberville Airport is just 4 miles from Benbow Valley.

Courtesy Shuttle

Land, tie down, and call the Benbow Historic Inn on the courtesy line in the Hangar 3 pilot lounge. As a courtesy, we will pick up Benbow guest pilots who are staying with us and return them to the airport. Located less than 10 miles from the Inn, the airport is about a 15 minute ride. When possible, please call our front desk prior to your arrival at (707) 923 - 2124 to arrange complementary transportation to the Inn.

Aviator History

Benbow Historic Inn has a special history with aviators. In the time of the prohibition era, pilots would buzz the Inn to let the Benbow family know they had arrived. They would touch down on the golf course road along the first fairway and taxi to the front door. It’s rumored guests arrived carrying suitcases full of illegal spirits. Today, pilots are still welcomed at the Benbow Historic Inn - though we discourage the transportation of spirits.