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Water Conservation Efforts

  • water conservation efforts

Dear Friends of the Benbow Historic Inn and Benbow KOA,

Most Californians are aware Governor Brown has made it mandatory that water consumption be reduced by 25% throughout the state, compared to 2013. As such, we are taking steps to comply. Unfortunately, Benbow Water Company has informed us that the State is not taking into consideration businesses that may have increases in customers since 2013. Our customer count from 2013 to 2014 increased about 30% and this year we are seeing another 20% increase from 2014. As a result, these cutbacks will affect the guests in our park in the following ways.

• The Splash Park hours have been reduced and the upper devices have been turned off. Hours of operation are 1pm to 5pm daily.
• Landscape watering is only allowed 3 days per week. We will be watering on the following nights: Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. As a result, the grass will not be as green as we would like but we have no control over this.
• The golf course is on its own well and we are trying different methods and watering routines in an attempt to reduce our water usage while still making the greens playable. Please understand that these are state mandated restrictions that we are having to work with so if the greens are not “up to par”, we are doing the best we can.

Here are some ways you can help:

1. Be mindful of your own water usage and attempt to reduce the amount of water you and your friends and family use while at our facility.
2. Consider if any of the excess water you are putting down your drains could be poured out onto the plants in your site.
3. Offer suggestions. If you have effective methods of accomplishing the mandated reductions, let our staff know.
4. Be understanding. The droughts occurring all across the United States require each of us to reconsider how we use water. While we want to create a fun and memorable guest experience, these concessions must be made.

Kindest Regards.

John E. Porter
Managing Partner